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St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Cards

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I love being able to use holidays to add a new dimension to our learning. These St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary cards do just that. Plus, there are so many fun activities that you can use them!

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Cards for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Cards

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What is it about St. Patrick’s Day that makes it so much fun? As a kid about all I ever did for the holiday was dress in green, and yet I always looked forward to it every year.

St. Patrick’s Day has become a much bigger thing then it was when I was a kid. Now parents and schools find lots of ways to add fun to the holiday with fun crafts and learning activities.

That’s why I love these St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary cards so much. These cute shamrock cards really add some extra language arts fun to the holiday.

There are 20 shamrock cards on the vocabulary printable. Sixteen of the cards contain different St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary words. The remaining four shamrocks on the printable are blank. That way you can add your own St. Patrick’s Day words if you like.

St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Activities

These vocabulary cards are fairly simplistic, but that allows for them to be used in a lot of different ways for multiple language arts activities. This allows means that their use can maladjusted for different ages, different learning abilities, and even different interests.

Below I have shared some of my favorite ways to utilize these shamrock vocabulary cards, but this is truly a small list of ideas. You can use these cards for so many fun St. Patrick’s Day word activities.

St. Patrick’s Day Words Matching Activity

Kids love to play matching games. Often we play that game with pictures, but word matching games are a great way to help give extra reading support in a fun and relaxing way.

For this activity you will need to make sure to print two copies of the vocabulary cards. Then have your child flip different cards over until they match two with the same words.

Matching the same word may seem fairly simple, but there is more to it then you might think. Several of the St. Patrick’s Day words start with the same letter, so kids have to look at more of the word then just the first letter in order to match them up.

If your child is able to read then add another level to the activity by having them read the cards as they match them up. This is a really great way to reinforce the new words that they are learning.

St. Patrick's Day Words

Vocabulary Words for St. Patrick’s Day Placed in ABC Order

Having your child put vocabulary words into ABC order is a another great way to support literacy learning. With this activity your child will not only need pay attention to the word on the card, but they will also need to pay close attention to the letters and their location in the word.

In our area this is a very common activity, and I used to do it with first graders a lot when I used to sub. Over the years I have seen that some kids can get this task fairly easily, but others can really struggle with it.

If your child finds putting words into ABC order is a bit tough than you can help by giving them an alphabet chart to look at as a reference. This can especially be helpful for times when there are several words that start with the same letter because that starts getting trickier. 

If they need more help you can coach them by helping talk them through the activity with dialog such as: “Are there any A words? No? OK, are there any B words?” Go through each letter that way, and if there are words with more than one letter do the same thing for the second letter of the word.

Sorting Words for St. Patrick’s Day

Until Nick started kindergarten I didn’t realize just how much sorting kids in the early grades do on a daily basis. I’m not sure a day goes by that Nick didn’t bring a sorting page home.

There are so many different ways that you can sort these vocabulary cards. You can make the sorting activities easier or harder depending on the level your child is at. Here are a few sorting ideas:

  • Sort by the first letter of the word
  • Sort by the number of letters the words have
  • Sort by the number of syllables in each word
  • You can even encourage your child to decide how they think the words should be sorted. It’s amazing what a child’s mind can do when given some limited instructions.

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Cards

St. Patrick’s Day Word Wall

Word walls weren’t really a thing when I was a kid, but they were becoming a very big thing by the time I was in college and getting my teaching degree.

During my years working in classrooms I saw how much kids loved to add words to their word wall. Nick was a big fan of the word wall himself. When he used to come with me to other classrooms before the school day started the word wall was one of the first things that he looked for in each room!

In fact, Nick loved word walls so much that I created one for him at home on our refrigerator. He always loved when I would add new words to it and these St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks certainly make fun additions to any word wall. It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s really a fun way to help kids expand on their reading vocabulary.

Download Your St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary for Kids

Are you ready to add some luck of the Irish to your child’s literacy learning? Be sure to download these St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Cards

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Cards Printable
I hope your child has a lot of fun using these St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary cards. I know Nick and I have had a lot of fun finding different ways to use them over the years.

More St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids

Shamrock Vocabulary Cards for St. Patrick's Day

Add some St. Patrick's Day fun to your next language arts lesson with these St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Cards printable.

Sophia Smith

Saturday 17th of March 2018

Amazing resource, I just tried printing one of the pages - the green color looks awesome for the theme of st patrics day. The words are little hard to read though it is fun.


Monday 19th of March 2018

Thanks! I'm glad you found them useful. I could see how the words could be a bit hard to read. Especially with printers all printing a bit differently.

Adelien Tan

Wednesday 19th of March 2014

You know what, I just know about St. Patrick yesterday. His story is very amusing. I am SO poor here. You are so creative having some tools touching kids with the theme. Thank you for linking up in the Pintastic Pinteresting Party.


Tuesday 11th of March 2014

What a great idea! I'm trying to start prepping Jack for kindergarten and these would be PERFECT! Pinning and stumbling - I bet a lot of moms and homeschoolers would be into these.

Thanks for linking up to Wordy Wednesday!

Laura@Baking In Pyjamas

Sunday 9th of March 2014

What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing on Sweet and Savoury Sundays, stop by and share with us again this weekend!

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