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How To Make A Washcloth Origami Bunny

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I love to decorate my home for the holidays, and I love to have all different kinds of decorations. One Easter decoration that I enjoy displaying is my washcloth origami bunny collection. 

How to Make a Washcloth Origami Bunny

Washcloth Origami Bunny

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Since our first Disney cruise my family members have been huge fans of the art of towel folding. Getting a new towel animal in our stateroom every night was so much fun. We learned how to make a few of the origami towel designs, but it wasn’t a talent we did anything with. That is until many years ago when we helped out with my cousin’s baby shower.

My cousin was due in June, so we threw her a baby shower in the spring. That lead to lots incorporating spring animals like bunnies into the theme. We came up with a lot of cute things to use for decorations including origami bunnies made from washcloths.

Best of all they served a dual purpose. Not only did the bunnies help decorate the tables, but every guest got to take a washcloth origami bunny home with them at the end of the shower.

Washcloth Origami Bunny
We had so much fun making the washcloth bunnies that we went a little overboard and had a lot left after the shower. That didn’t bother us though because it left us with several to keep for ourselves. Each year my mother and I set out our washcloth origami bunnies as decorations at Easter time.

Washcloth Bunnies Supplies

Supplies Need to Make a Washcloth Bunny

  • Washcloth – You can use any color you want. 12 x 12 is a good size to work with.
  • 2 Rubber bands – Medium to large sized
  • Ribbon – Again any color works, although it’s best to go with a color that is at least a different shade from the washcloth color, but doesn’t clash with it. You’ll want a thin ribbon cut to around 18 inches long.
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • 2 Pompoms – 1 small and 1 medium sized ones (optional)

How to Make a Washcloth Origami Bunny

Since this is an origami project it actually requires only a few supplies. Now in traditional origami you wouldn’t use anything to help hold the shape together, but sometimes folding a washcloth, or towel, needs a little extra help. Plus the rubber bands help the origami bunnies keep their shape until you take them apart. That makes them easy to store and set them out for decorations year after year.

Easy Origami Bunny

Making the washcloth origami bunny is actually pretty easy and it only takes a few minutes to do. First thing you should do is lay the washcloth on a flat surface with one of the corner points facing you. Then grab each of the side corners and roll them tightly.

You can start with the right or the left corner. It doesn’t matter. Just continue to roll the sides until the rolls meet in the middle.

Washcloth Easter Bunny Decoration

Now you want to grab the corner that’s facing away from you and pull it towards you. You want this to basically fold the washcloth in half so both of the ends are lined up together. They should look a bit like floppy ears because that’s what they’ll become.

Once you have the ends in the spots you want take one of the rubber bands and put it about a third of the way up the washcloth from the rounded edge. The side that isn’t the two edges.

Bunnies Made Out of Washcloths

At this point you’re actually almost done! To finish the shape of your bunny pull the loose floppy ears part of the washcloth back towards the curved side. Then put another rubber band around it. The two rubber bands should be at basically the same spot although the new one might be just a little farther forward. 

Towel Origami Bunny

All you have left to do now is to polish off the look of your bunny. To do this you’ll want to tie the ribbon on. You want to wrap it around the rubber band area to keep any rubber band spots from showing.

You’ll also want to pull on the ears just a tad to get them to stand up well and be in the exact place that you want them. Although if you made the side rolls tight enough it should all look fine.

Boo Boo Bunny Washcloth

Once the ribbon is on and the ears are to your liking you technically are done. You can choose to give your origami bunny a bit more personality though. 

This is where the optional supplies come in. You can use them to give your bunny eyes, a nose, and a tail. You’ll want to make sure you have a hot glue gun on hand to attach these items. Adding them can make the origami bunnies really cute, but they honestly look nice either way.

Washcloth Bunny Finished

Now your washcloth origami bunny is ready to be set out with your other Easter decorations! They are very easy to store after Easter as well. I simply put mine into a large gallon sized baggie and put them in the storage tub that has all of our Easter stuffed animals.  Happy towel folding!

Yield: 1 Washcloth Bunny

Washcloth Origami Bunny

How to Make a Washcloth Origami Bunny

Want to know how to make a washcloth origami bunny? These adorable washcloth bunnies, also known as boo boo bunnies, are very easy to make and make for great Easter decorations or favors for a spring party.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes


  • 12 x 12 Washcloth
  • 2 Rubber bands
  • Thin ribbon cut around 18 inches long
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • 2 pompoms - 1 small and 1 medium sized (optional)


  • Glue gun for attaching googly eyes and pompoms


  1. Lay the washcloth flat with one of the corners pointing to you.
  2. Roll the outer corners in from each side until the rolls meet in the middle.
  3. Fold in half in the middle so both pointed ends are pointed in the same directions.
  4. Place a rubber band about a 4th of the way up the rounded area of the washcloth.
  5. Take the pointed ends and bend them back towards the rubber banded area.
  6. Place another rubber band to hold the ears in place. This rubber band should be placed in about the same area as the first one.
  7. Wrap the ribbon around the washcloth bunny in the same place as the rubber bands to hide them, and then tie it into a bow.

How to Make Washcloth Bunnies

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Holly E

Tuesday 21st of April 2015

Too cute! I love these bunnies!

Laurie Nykaza

Thursday 17th of April 2014

These are all so cute the kids would love making them for Easter great school craft too.

Colleen P

Thursday 17th of April 2014

These are very cute and would be a nice spring gift for friends. I like the different colored washcloths--gives the bunnies character!

DailyWoman (Lacey)

Thursday 17th of April 2014

What a cute and easy little craft to do for Easter. Would be a great one for preschoolers (no mess).

Kelly Elswick

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

These are adorable! I have been looking for some cute Easter crafts :)

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