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DIY Easter Bunny Wall Hanging

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I am so done with this winter.  I’m done with the cold, and the snow, and all of the terrible things that have happened.  In fact as I write this our area is getting another dumper.  Right now they’re saying 4-8″ but we could see numbers in the double digits!  See what I mean?  So done!  To cheer myself up and start thinking spring thoughts I decided to make a new Easter decoration for my home.

Easter Bunny Wall Hanging
What I ended up making was an Easter Bunny Wall Hanging that is made out of straw hats.  My mother has had one for years, and I’ve always liked it, so I decided to make one of my own.  This craft is pretty easy to make although it does take some time because it requires waiting for paint to dry.

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Materials and Supplies Needed:

Easter Bunny Supplies
  • 2 Straw hats
  • White paint
  • A second color of paint
  • 2 large googly eyes
  • 7 white pompoms
  • Silk flowers
  • White felt (I just bought one large rectangular piece)
  • Wide ribbon
  • Red marker
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Wire cutters (to cut the silk floral)

How to Make Your Easter Bunny Wall Hanging

As I said before this is fairly easy to make (although watch out for burnt fingers from the glue gun!), but it takes a few days to make it because you need to paint the hat and wait for it to dry.  First you’ll need to paint the main part of the hat that sticks out.  This should be white as it will be the face of the bunny.  Once that has dried you need to paint the brim of the hat another color.  This color is really up to you.  I went with a blue color, but the one that my mom made years ago is painted green.  Truthfully to save on paint I used leftover house paint that was stored in the basement, so I choose from the colors that were available to me.

Next you need to cut the second hat in half to make the hat for your bunny.  This is probably the most difficult part.  Mine didn’t get cut quite right so the edges don’t touch the main hat everywhere (I have some gaps on the side).  Luckily I was able to cover up the gaps with the flowers on the brim, but you want to avoid that if you can.  Once it’s cut you can glue it on to the main hat.

Painted Easter Bunny
Once you’ve got the bunny’s hat attached you can decorate it with the silk flowers that you’ve chosen.  This will take some trial and error to decide what looks best, so you probably want to play with it before you glue anything down.

With the bunny’s hat done it’s time to move onto the actual bunny.  You really can do most of these things in any order you want, but I started with the ears.  The easiest way to make them is to fold the felt in half and cut out a very large oval.  I used almost all of the felt.  You will need the felt again, so don’t throw it away yet!  Once the ears are cut you’ll need to cut out a large strip of ribbon to place on the ears.  Make sure that you round the bottom edges so they look more natural.  Once the ribbon piece are cut you can glue them onto the felt ears, and then you can glue the finished ears onto the bunny.  To do this push them up under that hat some.  Glue them just at the top so that the rest of the ears hang free.

Easter Bunny with Ears and Hat
At this point you’re almost done!  Mostly all that is left is the face.  You’ll need to glue on both of the eyes and all of the pompoms.  One pompom should be the nose and then there should be three pompoms on each side of the nose to look like the whisker area.  After that take your remaining white felt and cut two small rectangles and glue them under the nose, right next to each other, to be the bunny’s teeth.  Then you’ll want to take a red marker and color the nose and a small mouth area under the teeth.  The final step is to make a big bow from your ribbon and glue it at the bottom.

Easter Bunny Face

Final Thoughts

I love my bunny!  He turned out so cute.  In fact my mother likes mine even more than hers.  I had a few bumps in the process of making mine, like the bunny’s hat not being cut quite right, but overall the process went well.  I am so excited to have a new Easter decoration to put up this year.  I haven’t had any thing new to add to my Easter collection in a few years!

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