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Car Bingo Printable Game Cards

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There is nothing like a good road trip. The open road, seeing the beauty of the land, the time to talk with those in the car, the kids whining in the back that they’re bored.  Wait…whining in the back?  Alright so a road trip isn’t always relaxing and peaceful, but with these car bingo printable game cards hopefully you’ll help keep some of the whining at bay.

Car Bingo

Car Bingo Printable Game Cards

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When I was a kid my mother bought a car travel kit and it had included travel bingo cards that I loved.  They were were strong, so they wouldn’t bend, and they had a shiny surface that allowed you to use wipe off crayons to mark off the items you found on the card. 

Sadly we somehow lost those cards over time.  Maybe we wore them out so much that they couldn’t be used anymore and my mom threw them out.  Neither my mother nor I remember what happened to them, but I still fondly remember using them.

Not long ago I was thinking about how much I had liked playing Car Bingo and I thought about how great it would be to be able to share that fun game with the rest of you.  Of course being as busy as I have been lately I couldn’t find the time to get the Car Bingo cards made up, so I turned to my friend Sarah.  She has already made so many adorable bingo printable cards for her site Play 2 Learn with Sarah, so I knew she’d be able to make design a some perfect Car Bingo cards for me.  Of course I was right.  They are made all the cuter with the adorable clip art pictures that she found from Charlotte’s Clips at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Car Bingo Card 1
Download: Car Bingo Card 1

Download: Car Bingo Card 2

How to Play Car Bingo

Alright, so I’m guessing you know how to play Bingo, but Car Bingo is slightly different.  This game is all about spotting different things while on the road.  See a stop light?  Than mark it off.  See a police car?  Mark it off.  You can certainly do regular Bingo (5 across, up and down, or diagonal), but you may want to make it a little harder so the game takes longer.  Obviously the goal is to keep the kids occupied for awhile.  Why not tell the kids to find all of the pictures on the outside border, or make it really hard and tell them to see how long it takes to find everything on their card!

How to use the Car Bingo Cards

The one thing that can make playing Bingo in the car tricky is the fact that you’re playing in the car!  It’s pretty much impossible to keep Bingo chips from bouncing, sliding, or falling off of the card.  Those things happening is most likely going to give you a cranky kid, which is not the goal here.  So I’ve got a list of some different ways you can use the Bingo Cards.

  1. Print off multiple copies of the cards and have the kids mark off the pictures they see with a crayon, pencil, or marker.  Playing with the cards this way will mean that the cards can’t be reused since the kids are writing directly on them, so you’ll have to throw them away when you’re done which is why you’ll want to print multiple copies.
  2. Print of both bingo cards and have them laminated.  Then let the kids mark off what they see with a dry erase marker.  When they’re done they can wipe the marker marks off with a tissue and if they want they can start playing Car Bingo again.
  3. An alternative to laminating is to slide the Car Bingo cards into a protective paper sleeve ( the kind you use to keep papers nice in a 3-ring binder).  The card may move a little, but for the most part it should be fine.  The kids can use the dry erase markers on the sleeves and they’ll be able to wipe the marks off when they’re done.
  4. Put the cards onto a magnetic surface and have a collection of magnets on hand.  The kids can use the magnets to cover up the squares of the items that they find.

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