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How To Make A Money Pizza – Graduation Gift Idea

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When it comes to graduation gifts money is what most people end up giving, but a check in a card isn’t really fun and exciting. A money pizza on the other hand is a lot of fun. Wondering how to make a money pizza? It really is quite easy.

How to Make a Money Pizza

How to Make a Money Pizza

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There are so many things that graduates need as they head off to college. Instead of the typical check we used to give gift cards. Gas cards were something that we gave a lot.

We prefer giving an actual gift though, but it’s hard to know what each graduate needs. Then someone told my mom about how they made a money pizza as a gift. Ever since it has been what graduates get from us.

A money pizza is such a perfect gift because it is a gift. One that you even took time to create for the graduate. At the same time you’re still giving the graduate money that they need.

Pizza Box Money Idea

Supplies Needed for a Money Pizza Box

  • A large pizza box – You can reuse a pizza box that you have gotten pizza in as long as the box is still clean. You might want to get a new pizza box though. It never hurts to ask for one at your local pizza place (works best if you’re picking a pizza up at the same time).  They might want to know why you want it, but most places will happily give you one.  You can always help sway them by letting them know it’s free publicity because a lot of people are going to see that box!
  • Thin piece of cardboard to make into the “pizza.” You want this piece to be about as large as the width and length of the pizza box.
  • Red paper – You can use construction paper or tissue paper.
  • Money (bills and coins)- Go to the bank and take out the amount of money that you want to give the graduate.  The amount of bills you need depends on the size that you make your money pizza. You most likely will need 15 to 20 rolled up bills, but you don’t need to give all large bills.  You can have a mix of say 20s, 10s, and 5s.  Don’t forget to add the amount that the coins add up to as part of the gift amount.
  • Shredded paper – I just took paper right from the paper shredder, but you could rip paper up too.
  • Tape

How to Make a Money Pizza Gift

How to Make a Money Pizza Gift

The first thing you need to do is cut out your thin piece of cardboard into a large circle. This is the base of your pizza. It does not need to be a perfect circle. Adding the bills will help give it a circular look. Finish by covering it with the red paper.

Money Pizza
Now you want to roll up your bills hot dog length.  If you have a more bills to use then you have space for then you can roll two bills up together.  Once rolled up use a piece of tape to hold the roll together.

When putting the tape on the bills you want to use a smaller sized piece. You do want the piece to be big enough to hold, but if it’s too big the graduate will have to spend a lot of time taking the gift apart. You do not want the piece to be so big that one part of the piece of tape overlaps the other part.

Money Pizza Gift Instructions
Once your bills are rolled up yo can start adding them to the cardboard “pizza.” Start by doing the outside. You’ll need to bend them slightly to give a curved look to the pizza. Attach the bills by taping it down with rolled up pieces of tape. I find the bills stay better if you use three pieces of tape. One in the middle and then one on each end.

Depending on the exact size of your pizza you may have some of the bills overlapping. You’ll just have to play with it to find out what your money pizza needs.

After you have the outside boarders of the pizza done use the extra bill rolls to create the “slices” of the pizza. Using 6 bills to make 6 slices usually works the best.

How to Make Money Pizza
When you have slices created it’s time to add toppings to your pizza. This is when you’ll add all of the coins that you gathered. As with the bills you’ll attach the coins with a rolled up piece of tape.

There is no specific way that you need to put the coins on. Just put some here and some there. I think it looks cool when you add all different types of coins, but you could do say all quarters if you want to.

How to Make Money Pizza Gift
Finally top your pizza off with “cheese” by adding the shredded paper.  This doesn’t need to be tapped down.  Just throw the paper on there. Once the cheese has been added your money pizza is ready to be placed in the pizza box and given to the graduate.

Money Pizza
There you have it. That is how to make a money pizza. This is such an easy gift to make, and I can guarantee that it’ll be the hit of the party.

Pizza Made out of Money

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