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How To Make A Puzzle Piece Brooch – Mother’s Day Gift Kids Craft

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Kids love to make gifts for their moms for Mother’s Day. Sometimes it’s hard though to figure out what to make. A puzzle piece brooch is a fun and different gift that can be made by a lot of different ages.

Puzzle Piece Pin

Puzzle Piece Brooch Kids Craft

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My brother and I both made a puzzle piece brooch for our mom for Mother’s Day in elementary school. Although none of us can remember what grade we were in when we made them. Truly I had forgotten about them until my mother mentioned seeing them in her jewelry box recently.

After recreating my puzzle wreath ornament a few months ago I’m starting to realize how often we used puzzle pieces for crafts in school. Why not though? These puzzle piece crafts are a great way to use any puzzles that you have that are missing pieces. Plus a used puzzle is dirt cheap if you can find them at a garage sale.

Making a puzzle piece brooch is so much fun and it’s so easy for kids to do. The assembling of it might require some adult help, but kids can do a lot of the crafting on their own. That helps them to feel that they really did make their gift for mom all on their own.

This puzzle brooch only requires a few supplies to make.

Supplies Needed

This puzzle piece brooch is a fun and easy to make kids craft. It makes a great Mother's Day gift. This puzzle piece craft is good for many age groups.

How to Make Your Puzzle Piece Brooch

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on how many puzzle pieces you want to use to make your puzzle piece brooch. My original brooch used four puzzle pieces and my brother’s used three. For the new one I just made I chose to use three since my puzzle pieces were a bit larger. I suggest picking a different paint color for each puzzle piece, so the number of pieces you decide on will determine the how many paint colors you need.

Once you have picked the colors you want you can start painting the puzzle pieces. You are going to be painting the side of the piece that the puzzle picture was on, so you may need several coats of paint to get the picture fully covered. The acrylics I had dried quite fast, so I was able to put multiple coats on without having to wait long periods of time for them to dry.

For thise puzzle piece craft you'll want to chose a different acrylic paint color for each puzzle piece.

When you feel that you have enough coats of paint, and they are quite dry, you can add the Mod Podge. If you get a glossy acrylic paint than this step won’t be necessary. A lot of acrylic paints have a matte finish though, which will leave the puzzle pieces looking flat and having a chalky feel to them. The Mod Podge will help them look shiny and feel smooth. I found that three very thin coats did great, but even one thin coat will do it.

The next step is where your child will need some help. I recommend using a hot glue gun to put the pieces together. You could try Elmer’s Glue, but that likely won’t stick as well. A brooch can really get bumped around and pulled on, so I wanted to make sure the puzzle pieces were really stuck together.

After the pieces are all glued together you can finish the puzzle piece brooch by sticking a bar pin on the back. The ones I bought had a sticker to put it on with, but I’m not sure how well that’s going to stay. I may end up pulling that part off and hot gluing it on.

This Mother's Day gift kids craft is so easy and fun to do!

That’s all there is to it! Now all that’s left is to wrap the puzzle piece brooch up and to give to mom for Mother’s Day! I hope your kids have a great time making this fun Mother’s Day craft. I also hope that you, and the other mom’s your kids make these for, love them as much as my mom did!

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shelly peterson

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

This is a cute and fun idea. This would be easy enough for my grandsons to do for their Mommy's.

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