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Christmas Bead Crafts

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There are so many wonderful Christmas crafts that you can make. Some of my very favorite are Christmas bead crafts. There is just something about beads that add a little extra to a Christmas craft. Check out some of these for your next project!

Collage image of Christmas bead crafts

Christmas Bead Crafts

What is it about Christmas and beads that just go together so well? I grew up making Christmas crafts that included beads, and I have continued to do so even as an adult.

Beads are an amazing craft supply. You can use them create an entire new thing or simply use them to add a touch of whimsy to a craft that needs just a little something extra.

For Christmas they are especially perfect. Think of how people used to decorate their trees with strings of beads wrapped around it. Does anyone still use those? They look so pretty, but in our house the cats would attack them in a minute so I don’t even dare try them.

I have spent a lot of time the last few years creating beaded safety pin kid craft designs that I share here. From these, people have started to ask me if I have other fun Christmas bead crafts to share. That’s when I realized that while I have done several I have never blogged about any of them.

I guess that is something I need to get to, but for now I turned to my fellow bloggers to see what wonderful Christmas bead crafts they had to share with you! You’ll find both adult and kid Christmas bead crafts below, so be sure to check all of the different ideas out!

Adult Christmas Bead Crafts

Give your home a personal touch with these DIY Christmas projects that incorporate beads.

Kid Christmas Bead Crafts

Add a touch of fun and whimsy to the holiday for your child with these fun DIY Christmas projects that use beads.

Collage of beaded crafts for Christmas

I hope from all of these different craft ideas you have something fun to decorate your home with, or keep you kids busy for a little bit while they’re too excited to sit still to watch a Christmas movie or hear a Christmas book.